With a growing need for a warm community and positive Jewish peer-to-peer content and interaction during the lockdown of summer of 2020, Challah Magazine was born.


A production between friends has slowly but surely become family and has reached all corners of the earth. With every collaboration, contribution, and connection we make, we continue to expand the Challah community. Subscribe today to become part of this movement of inspiring content and be in touch to have your voice heard! 



We aim to bring the voices of international young Jewish adults together through informed, non-deprecating content to celebrate our shared values and common heritage. Just like Challah, there may be some variety but we love it all the same!


We aspire to use our global reach and diverse community to facilitate educational, artistic, and thought-provoking content for the next generation of young Jews across the diaspora. We hope we will be a catalyst for Jewish pride and provide a Jewish lens on how our peers navigate the world. 

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